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White fillings

White fillings are natural-looking fillings, which are a great alternative to metallic amalgam fillings and are mercury-free. If you have a decayed tooth or your dentist recommends filling, you can opt for a white filling to achieve a natural look.

Besides the aesthetics, white fillings offer several benefits compared to their counterparts.

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Why consider white fillings?

If you are experiencing tooth decay and need a filling, choosing a white filling may be the best option. You can choose this option, especially if amalgam filling will be obvious when you laugh or smile, making you self-conscious.

How do white fillings work?

Composite resins are more advanced than they were, making than a good, long-lasting alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

After the dentist prepares your tooth, they apply the white filling and bond it to your enamel. Unlike composite resins in the past, which the dentist plugged in, the bonding ensures the composite material remains in place.

How long will the appointment take?

A filling appointment usually takes 30 – 60 minutes, including the time for examining the teeth and administering local anaesthetic.

The dentist may notice tooth decay during routine dental examinations and may recommend filling. You can get the filling during this appointment if there is time or schedule another appointment.

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How can I prevent future fillings?

You can prevent fillings by having regular dental exams and good oral hygiene at home to prevent tooth decay.

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