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Lumineer® veneers

Lumineer veneers are perfect if you want a beautiful smile and better self-confidence. Most people are concerned about their minor teeth imperfections, which affect their relationship with others, so they opt for options to restore their teeth.

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What are Lumineer veneers?

Lumineer veneers are a type of porcelain veneer. They are wafer-thin similar to contact lenses, but fitted on the teeth without reducing the tooth structure, unlike traditional veneers. Lumineer veneers are about 0.2mm. They are custom-made, translucent shells, making them look close to the natural teeth' appearance. Lumineers are pain-free and offer a long-term solution for chipped, stained, crooked or damaged teeth.

Lumineers have become quite popular due to their thinner size. Traditional veneers are thicker, so they require irreversible removal of the tooth structure. This extensive preparation involves shots and anaesthesia to reduce pain and sensitivity. For traditional veneers, you will get temporaries placed on the teeth for over two weeks before fitting the permanent veneer.

The lumineer technique is less invasive and doesn't require anaesthesia or temporaries. You will get your custom-made Lumineer without pain or sensitivity. Most dentists offer veneers, but not all dentists can fit Lumineers.

Who can get Lumineers?

You can use Lumineers for different situations to improve your smile, confidence and overall appearance. Lumineers are a good solution if your teeth are moderately crooked, chipped or discoloured.

  • Restore chipped teeth

If you have a chip on your front teeth, Lumineers offer a quick, painless way to fix the chipped tooth.

  • Remove gaps and space between teeth

If you have a gap between your teeth or spacing issues, you can fit Lumineer to correct the issue. Lumineers provides a fast, non-invasive procedure to remove gaps between teeth. In only two visits, you can remove excess space while you preserve your natural teeth.

  • Brighten stained or discoloured teeth

Teeth discolouration and staining are common problems. While teeth whitening is a common option, it may not remove some stains or give a long-lasting effect. Whether the stains result from drinking red wine or coffee, tetracycline or ageing, Lumineers can transform your smile, giving a natural and bright look.

  • Align crooked teeth

The lumineer procedure is a fast and painless alternative to braces for aligning teeth. Many adults do not want to go through the pain or embarrassment of wearing braces. With Lumineers, you can correct your smile in two short visits to the dentist.

  • Reshape misshapen or small teeth

Misshapen teeth negatively affect your appearance, and if you don't want your teeth ground down, Lumineers are a good option. You can have ultra-thin Lumineers placed over your teeth; in most cases, removing any tooth structure is unnecessary.

  • Renew old dental work

Regardless of age, a dental bridge and crown can make you look older. You can place Lumineers on bridgework and crowns for a beautiful smile.

  • Perfect your smile

If you want your smile to look great, Lumineers can help you achieve this in two short, painless visits.

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Lumineers procedure

Getting Lumineers require two dental visits

  • On the first visit

Following your initial consultation, the dentist will take your teeth impression and determine the shade right for your teeth. They will send your teeth mould to the lab with photos of your teeth and other records to make your Lumineers. Lumineers do not need temporaries.

  • On the second visit

On your second visit, usually after a couple of weeks, your dentist will place the Lumineer. Before bonding the Lumineer, the dentist will ensure it fits properly, then etch the teeth to prepare them for the Lumineer placement.

The dentist will examine your bite to ensure it is balanced to prevent chipping during your normal teeth function. 

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Frequently asked questions

Lumineers are ultra-thin, about 0.2mm and highly translucent, which gives them a natural appearance. Traditional veneers are thicker and require grinding down the natural tooth structure.

Lumineer procedure is painless. They are ultra-thin, and in most cases, getting a shot or grinding down the original tooth structure is unnecessary.

Clinical testing has shown that Lumineers can last for over 20 years.

Yes, you can. Lumineers are reversible because grinding down healthy tooth structure isn't necessary. The natural teeth will remain strong and intact.

In most cases, getting Lumineers for teeth straightening is possible. Your dentist will first evaluate your teeth to determine if orthodontics is necessary. If the misalignment isn't severe, Lumineers can help reshape your teeth for a straighter and more uniform look. Lumineers can also whiten teeth.

You can eat and drink anything with Lumineers. The Lumineer application process is durable, but a good hygiene routine is still necessary. Ensure you visit your dentist at least two times yearly for cleaning and check-up to keep the Lumineers looking their best, including your teeth and gums.

You do not need to whiten your teeth after veneer treatment because the veneer will match your present teeth' colour. However, you can whiten your teeth before getting veneers if your teeth are discoloured.

Lumineers cost about £900 - £1200 per tooth. Several factors affect the total cost of Lumineers, including the dentist's experience, how many veneers you need and the location.

Consider asking your dentist about their general experience and experience in fitting Lumineers. An inexperienced dentist may not place the Lumineer correctly, which may need several visits for a correction. Lumineers can transform your smile in two or three visits, and it is a lifetime investment.

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