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Same day teeth

Same-day teeth is an innovative technique in restorative dentistry that allows suitable patients to replace their missing teeth with implants in one day. This procedure involves placing dental implants and new dental prostheses immediately that function like natural teeth.

Same-day teeth procedure is also used to anchor and secure dentures. If you need instant, same-day results and to enhance your smile immediately, same-day teeth can give your desired result.

Dental implants vs same-day implants 

Dental implants are small posts placed under the gum to serve as the root of a missing tooth, and then the dentist will fit an artificial tooth or crown to match your natural teeth and improve your smile.

A dental implant can replace one or several missing teeth, helping to restore a natural feel and look. The procedure requires a local anaesthetic to prevent any pain. After fitting implants, it takes about 3 – 6 months to integrate with the bone, a process called osseointegration.

Osseointegration is the period for an implant to fuse with the jawbone. Osseointegration ensures the implant procedure is successful since the implant doesn’t bear a load at this time.

When the implants are stable, the dentist can attach artificial teeth, but the artificial teeth placement is immediate for same-day teeth. This is unlike the traditional implants that need at least three months between implant placement and final teeth restoration.

Same-day teeth procedure

You can only get a same-day implant after a detailed clinical evaluation certifying your suitability for the procedure. This will involve the dentist taking an X-ray of your jaw and dental impression, which will help make a 3D image of the mouth to create a custom design for the implants.

The CT scan draws up a 3D image to determine if you have sufficient jawbone to hold the implant. The scan will also outline the position of your sinuses and nerves.

After the dentist places your implant, they will fit a complete arch prosthesis to the implant.

Who cannot get same-day teeth

Same-day teeth must be stable after surgically placing them for successful implantation. It requires sufficient bone in the jaw to hold the implant and ensure its stability.

A bone graft may be necessary if your bone quantity and quality aren’t insufficient. People who can’t get same-day teeth due to poor quality or quantity can still get another implant treatment, but the procedure is different and immediate prosthesis will not be available. This is because the bone isn’t supportive and stable enough for the biting force of the teeth. Biting forces from the teeth help stimulate bone growth by threading the implant’s screw structure.

Advantages of same-day teeth

  • The patient can have immediate dental restoration, so they won’t have their self-confidence affected by no teeth
  • No need to wear dentures
  • The temporary teeth placed on the implant will help the dentist condition and contour the gum profile around the implant faster than the conventional implant procedure
  • Normal speech
  • The patient can continue to eat as normal without using dentures
  • Cost-effective treatment

Same-day teeth require expertise from an experienced dentist. Our dental professionals at McKennell Dental Practice can fit your same-day dental implants to restore your teeth and smile. Call us now on 020 7834 8802 to schedule an appointment.