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Vivera retainers

Vivera retainers are made by the company that produced the revolutionary Invisalign clear aligners. Vivera retainers are completely transparent and comfortable. They are a perfect follow-up after Invisalign treatment, but you can also use them after any orthodontic treatment.

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Why is wearing retainers necessary?

After orthodontic treatment, the teeth can still shift to their previous position. However, a retainer can ensure the teeth remain in their new position and don’t shift to their previous position.

The shift happens gradually over time and isn’t complete, but it is enough to ruin your smile. The shift can become worse over time as the teeth are semi-mobile. Vivera retainers are a perfect solution to preserve your new smile and an aesthetic option. They provide the needed retention and are virtually invisible, thanks to the same design and materials used to make Invisalign.

When will I wear retainers?

The timing for wearing retainers vary, depending on your age and the previous orthodontic procedure. Your orthodontist will recommend when you should wear the retainers. In most cases, the retainer-wearing schedule is as follows.

  • For the first 3 – 6 months – 20 – 22 hours daily
  • For the next 6 – 12 months – only at night
  • After one year – 3 – 5 times a week

Retainers help protect your investment in your smile.

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Benefits of Vivera retainers

  • Viveral retainers are 30% stronger than other clear retainers. The strength of the retainer is important because the stronger the retainer, the better it can keep the teeth aligned and prevent relapse.
  • Vivera retainers are more durable – some retainers get damaged after a few months.
  • Vivera retainers offer retention flexibility for varied retainer wearing needed. Vivera retainers are available in four types, making them suitable for anyone, whether you want to wear retainers full-time, only at night or for a few nights.
  • Vivera retainers are unobstructive and comfortable, so you can wear them confidently.

What makes Vivera retainers special?

Vivera retainers are aesthetically pleasing and made of medical-grade plastic that doesn’t degrade over time. Patients report that they are more comfortable than fixed retainers and are more hygienic because you can take them out during meals and will wear them for only about 20 hours daily.

Some Vivera retainers are only for nighttime use when sleeping, and some are for the rest of your lifespan. Regardless of how long you need to wear retainers, Vivera retainers can serve you.

Vivera retainers have the same unique system as Invisalign, and you keep getting new retainers for the price you paid, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

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Whether or not you have had Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment, you can use Vivera retainers. Vivera retainers are also effective for treating minimal discomfort and need less patient cooperation as you get new ones. This makes them a common retainer brand for people who have had orthodontic treatment.

Vivera retainers are available at McKennell Dental Practice. Our orthodontist will ensure you get the right retainer after your orthodontic treatment. Call us on 020 7834 8802 to get Vivera retainers or start your orthodontic treatment.