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Emergency Dentist in London

New Patient Examination (Including X-rays) at £72.50

McKennel Dental Practice is a leading emergency dental clinic located at 21 Churton St, Pimlico near Victoria, London, offering quality urgent dental care services at an affordable cost. We understand that dental problems can occur anytime and require immediate care to prevent discomfort and further complications. This makes it necessary to see an emergency dentist that offers same-day and out-of-hour treatment.

We are available from Monday to Friday according our opening hours and Saturday by appointment only for emergency dental care. You can call us anytime, including out-of-hours appointment.

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Emergency dental treatments available at our clinic

Our well-trained, qualified and experienced dental professionals offer urgent care and several dental treatments. Whether you experience unexpected dental pain, need pain relief, or have a problem with wisdom teeth, we are available to meet your needs.

We handle emergency dental cases immediately, and same-day treatments are available for patients who need an emergency appointment. Our quick and affordable dental treatments ensure you can take care of any oral health concerns.

Other emergency dental care treatments include:

If you have any of the above dental issues or others that aren’t on the list, feel free to visit our clinic.

What do I expect after calling our emergency phone number?

You can call 020 7834 8802 to book a regular appointment, and we are also available to book an emergency appointment. When you call us for an emergency appointment, we will request your preliminary details, like your name and phone number, and describe your current situation.

Depending on your convenience, we will schedule you for the earliest available appointment spot and provide detailed directions and instructions. We will also ensure you receive high-quality emergency dental care and aim to help offer an effective solution. If necessary, we will give detailed advice for the problems between when you make an appointment and when you visit us.

We have dentists always at your service and will care for you from the start of your treatment to its end.

Our emergency dentist culture

Our experienced dentists understand that dental emergencies can occur at any time and are always on standby to attend to you, including out-of-hours. If you are experiencing oral pain, have a chipped or knocked out tooth, gum infection, or have a problem with a wisdom tooth, don’t hesitate to contact us for urgent care.

Regardless of your issue, our emergency dentist will diagnose the problem immediately and book you for an immediate appointment.

If you have a broken or chipped tooth from an injury or an accident or suddenly develop a gum or tooth infection, getting emergency dental care immediately is important.

Visit at McKennell Dental Practice or call us on 020 7834 8802 for your emergency or out-of-hour dental appointment.

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Frequently asked questions

An emergency dentist handles sudden onset dental emergencies, such as uncontrollable pain or gum swelling causing loss of sleep. At McKennell Dental Practice, we offer short-notice appointments for dental emergencies.

You can call us on 020 7834 8802 to book an emergency dentist appointment.

At McKennell Dental Practice, appointments for non-registered and registered patients are different and depend on the after-hours notice and severity of the issue.

The first step is to stay calm and assess the severity of the emergency. If the emergency is a recent injury, you may need to visit the A and E for a quick assessment. If the problem or pain is unseen or ongoing, call us for a 24-hour emergency dentist appointment.