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Many people avoid straightening their teeth because they are concerned about their appearance with braces. However, incognito braces provide a subtle teeth straightening option. The wires and metal brackets are fitted behind the teeth, making them hard to notice.

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What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces have the same wire and bracket system as traditional braces, but the main difference is that the brackets are behind the teeth, where the tongue rests.

The placement of lingual braces on the inner teeth surface means casual observers will not notice them. The braces will only be visible when you open your mouth wide.

Anyone can get lingual braces, and they correct most types of misalignment and malocclusion, but they have some downsides. These include:

  • The metal brackets may cut or hurt the tongue
  • They cost more than most types of braces
  • The contact with the tongue may affect your speech

Patients usually need a few weeks to get used to wearing lingual braces. You may experience lisping, stumbling while speaking or spitting during this period. However, lingual braces offer several benefits to people who want to straighten their teeth without many people knowing they have a mouth full of metal.

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Which lingual braces brand is the best?

Some brands offer custom-made brackets to fit each tooth perfectly, while others provide pre-made brackets. Below are the pros and cons of the standard and custom-made brackets.

  Standard Custom-made
Appearance Hidden behind the teeth Hidden behind the teeth
Comfort May stick further and cause tongue irritation Brackets are usually more comfortable due to the custom fit and low profile.
Effectiveness Usually as effective as traditional braces May give more precise results with faster treatment time
Production Rely on the orthodontist’s expertise for good fitting The brackets and wires are custom-made in the lab
Treatment start time Can be fitted immediately Take 4 – 6 weeks to make the braces
Cost Cost more than traditional braces but cheaper than custom-made lingual braces. Generally, the most expensive braces

While several brands of lingual braces are available, most dentists do not offer lingual braces. When you find a dentist that offers lingual braces, they often have one or two brands. The most common brand is Incognito, made by 3M. In the UK and Ireland, over 700 trained orthodontists offer Incognito braces.

To help decide which brands suit you, you will consider the following.

  • Do you want standard or custom-made brackets?
  • Do you want to straighten all your teeth or only the front 6 – 8

These decisions will affect the best brand for you, including the cost of the braces.

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What makes Incognito lingual braces special?

 Incognito braces are completely custom-made in the lab from detailed dental impressions and scans. A robot shapes the wire for the precision of the treatment. This eliminates a huge margin of error compared to when a dentist positions each bracket and manually shapes the wire.

The automated system allows efficient treatment, so your treatment time may be shorter than with other types of braces.

Incognito lingual braces use a gold alloy for the brackets and wires, so it is less likely to cause an allergy than material made with nickel. Incognito lingual braces are more expensive than some brands, but you pay for a premium service and product.

Incognito Lite braces

Incognito offers an alternative to the standard full-mouth orthodontic treatment. This option is ideal for people who only want to straighten their front teeth.

Incognito Lite braces are for the front 6 – 8 teeth and can be used on one or both jaws. This option costs less than the full-mouth treatment because the time and materials involved are less. Incognito Lite may be suitable if you are conscious of your crooked front teeth when you smile.

Cost of Incognito braces

Several factors make Incognito lingual braces more expensive than some types of braces.

  • Lingual braces take a longer time to adjust due to their position
  • You need an orthodontist with specialist training and expertise to fit and maintain the braces brackets
  • Incognito lingual braces use the latest computer technology to plan the treatment, design and manufacture the custom braces

You will need a consultation with your dentist to get the exact cost of the treatment. Consider getting two or more quotes because prices vary from one clinic to another.

Incognito braces in the UK cost between £4000 and £10000, and Incognito Lite braces between £1500 and £5000.

If this isn’t affordable, ask the dentist if you can spread the cost of your treatment with a 0% interest payment plan. You may also get lingual braces in your top jaw, which is more visible smiling, and traditional braces for the bottom jaw.

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Alternatives to lingual braces

If Incognito lingual braces cost is above your budget or the braces aren’t right for you, you can consider other ways to straighten your teeth inconspicuously.

Invisible braces like Invisalign use clear aligners and are effective for most alignment issues. This option is more affordable and effective for straightening the teeth without visible metal brackets.

If you want a more affordable teeth straightening treatment, NewSmile and SmileDirectClub are available. These aligners offer at-home aligner treatment, so consult your dentist before any orthodontic treatment.

These aligners can correct only mild to moderate orthodontic cases, so you may need Invisalign if you have a more severe orthodontic issue.

Clear ceramic braces are also an option. They are fixed to the front of the teeth, but their colour makes them less obvious than traditional metal braces.

You can get Incognito lingual braces at McKennell Dental Practice. Visit our dental clinic today or call 020 7834 8802 to schedule a consultation with our dentist to get Incognito braces.