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Damon Braces

Damon Braces are a modern orthodontic appliance for straightening teeth. They have high-technology ceramic or metal brackets and an archwire like the traditional braces but are lighter. The Damon Braces system uses state-of-the-art low-friction technology to aid teeth movement gently, allowing you to achieve your desired smile painlessly.

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Why use Damon braces?

  • The slide wire mechanism prevents the need for elastics and bands, meaning a shorter treatment time and less pain in the teeth from tightening elastics and bands.
  • Comfortable, even with the pressure it applies to move the teeth
  • Ceramic brackets blend with the teeth shade, making the braces less obvious
  • The strong material used makes treatment faster
  • The compact designs allow easier cleaning around the brackets, meaning this treatment makes maintaining good oral hygiene easier.
  • Rarely require healthy tooth extraction, and it is a clinically proven approach that gives a fuller natural facial profile without using palatal expanders.

Damon Braces procedure

Before your Damon Braces treatment, the orthodontist will take your teeth impression and send it to the lab. Damon Braces are custom-made to fit each patient’s teeth for optimum results. After making the Damon brackets, the orthodontist bonds each bracket to the teeth using a dental bond. After the braces fitting, you will return to the dentist every few weeks to review and adjust the appliance.

Will I need to extract teeth for Damon Braces?

Damon Braces treatment rarely requires teeth extraction to create space for the brackets. This is because the braces system uses biologically sensible forces to move the teeth gradually. The mechanism gives a broader, natural profile. In a few cases, tooth extraction may be necessary to create space in the mouth to aid better teeth movement.

What is the cost of Damon Braces?

The cost of Damon Braces depends on the duration and complexity of the treatment, but the average cost is about £3600. Many dentists and orthodontists offer aligner 0% interest payment plans that allow patients to spread the cost of their orthodontic treatment.

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Damon Braces vs. Invisalign

The table below compares Damon and Invisalign clear braces treatment.

  Damon Braces ? Invisalign braces
Virtually invisible or clear Yes Yes
Suitable for everyone? Yes No
Perfect result Yes Often in mild to moderate cases, but difficult for severe crowding, so refinement aligners may be necessary at the end of treatment
Stable result Yes, but like all braces treatment, a removable or fixed retainer is necessary to preserve the teeth in their new position. Not as stable as Damon braves, but a removable or fixed retainer will prevent a relapse
Comfortable They need some time to adjust to them but are more comfortable than traditional braces May need to adjust to wearing the aligners in the first few days, but generally comfortable
Removable No, so there is no risk of losing them, and it also means working continuously to achieve the result faster Yes, which offers an advantage when eating out, but you may lose them or forget to wear the aligners, which prolongs treatment time and cost
Cost £3600, similar to traditional braces About £3000 to £5400

Damon Braces are a good option for people who need significant teeth movement but want a fast treatment with minimal discomfort and pain and are aesthetically appealing.

You can get Damon Braces at McKennell Dental Practice to straighten your teeth. Call us today at 020 7834 8802 to book an appointment with our orthodontist to start your Damon Braces treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

Damon Braces are self-ligating, so the teeth move gradually from the automatic adjustments. They are gentle on the sensitive mouth tissue and teeth, allowing for more comfortable and faster treatment. The elastic-free and minimal Damon Braces design causes less plaque and makes flossing and brushing easier.

Damon Braces can widen your smile even when you don’t have crowded teeth. But if you have crowded teeth, widening the corners of your mouth after Damon Braces treatment will be more.

Damon Braces use the latest technology that applies gentle force on the teeth, so the treatment should be comfortable. However, you may experience discomfort in the first few days with all braces treatment.

Damon Braces use friction-free technology. They have memory wires and sliding brackets, which apply gentle force on the teeth to move them in the right direction. The forces push and pull the teeth into perfect alignment.

The duration of Damon Braces treatment will depend on the severity of the orthodontic issue. More complex cases require more treatment and will be longer than minor to moderate cases. Usually, treatment can take 12 – 18 months.

For most people, their concern about braces is changing their diet, but this isn’t the case with Damon Braces. While some foods are easier to manage while wearing braces, you won’t need to change your diet completely. You may want to stick to soft foods and avoid hard or chewy food.