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Digital smile design

If you have an imperfect smile that has affected your confidence, you can undergo dental procedures to improve your smile.

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry advancements have made Digital Smile Design (DSD) available. This innovative new system allows you to choose your dream smile and see the result of the procedure before your treatment starts.

The cosmetic dentist will consider your facial characteristics and personality to design your new smile. Digital Smile Design will help you choose your desired smile design.

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Digital smile design process

Digital smile design involves six stages.

  • Enhanced digital photography

Your digital smile design will start with the dentist taking a photo of your smile. With the photograph of your present smile, you can show the dentist what you do not like about your smile and get advice on which treatments are most suitable to achieve your desired smile.

  • Video analysis

How your lips move differs from how they look when you smile for a photo. We usually don't see ourselves as others do, so this second step which involves a short video of you speaking is important. This helps you see how your smile looks on your face while speaking. The video will also help you decide on what you want to change.

  • Smile design analysis

At this stage, you can tell the dentist your exact needs. The cosmetic dentist will start designing your smile with the image of your desired result, including how your smile looks presently. The dentist will recommend solutions to improve your smile while considering your teeth' health, function and look. You can undergo different procedures like teeth whitening, porcelain veneer and braces.

  • Smile preview

The cosmetic dentist can use enhanced technology to create digital images of how your smile will look. Before your treatment starts, you can make some changes, like tooth shape and colour.

  • Treatment

If you are happy with the treatment plan, you can start your treatment. One of the main advantages of DSD is knowing what your smile will look like before you start the treatment, whether it is porcelain veneer, teeth whitening or braces.

  • The result

After your course of treatment, you will have your desired new smile. The dentist will also take videos and pictures of your new smile.

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How long will digital smile design take?

Your digital smile design plan will be 100% personalised. Depending on the changes you want to make, your treatment plan will involve a combination of veneers, cosmetic bonding, orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Since the plan may involve several treatments, each treatment has an expected time frame, so it is difficult to determine how long the process will last. However, regardless of how long your treatment takes, you will have your desired result.

We can transform your smile at McKennell Dental Practice with a digital smile design. Call us now on 020 7834 8802 to get started with your digital smile design, or visit us at 21 Churton Street London SW1V 2LY to consult our experienced cosmetic dentist.

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